Weekly Notices

March 12 Notices

 Please note: 
  *   NO EARLY RELEASE DAY this Thursday, March 15. It is a FULL DAY of school.
  *   The Staff Development Day scheduled for Friday, March 16 has been CANCELED.
     It is a FULL DAY of school.
A message from the Librarians:
  Two book fairs in one year! Shopping days are Wednesday, March 28 through Tuesday, April 3 (No sales on 3/30).
Also, we're rolling out an exciting new feature -- the eWallet. eWallet allows parents to 'load' their child's account with a specific dollar limit, which is tied to a credit card. No charges are enacted until purchases are made, so if the eWallet has a cap of $25, but the child checks out with only $15 worth of books, then the credit card will never be charged that remaining, pre-approved $10. When the fair is over, the eWallet is deactivated.

eWallet will allow students to attend the fair cashless, check-less, and unaccompanied by credit-wielding adults. Hopefully, this will make the process easier for everyone. More information forthcoming, so please stand by.
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