Mrs. Jasiak

Mrs. Jasiak is the newest member of the Title I Literacy Support Team. She brings her love for working with children, and her commitment to supporting all students as they develop a strong foundation of literacy learning experiences.

Sue has been teaching at the K-2 level for 24 years. She has worked in the Newburyport School District for 17 years. Most recently she was the PreK-2 Literacy Coach at the Bresnahan and Brown Schools. Prior to that, she enjoyed many years as a kindergarten teacher. Sue cherishes her years teaching young kindergartners. She enjoyed nurturing their self-confidence, sparking their curiosity and love for learning, and celebrating their successes.
She is delighted to provide reading and writing interventions, and support students as they learn to apply strategies independently. She works closely with classroom teachers and routinely assesses her students’ progress as young readers and writers.

Sue earned her certifications as a Reading Recovery teacher and a Literacy Coach from Lesley University. She obtained her Administrative Supervisor/Director licensure. She received her M.Ed from Cambridge College and her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Rivier College.
Sue resides in Newburyport with her husband, Rich. They have two sons, Dan and Brian.

 "The most rewarding part of teaching is making a difference in a child's life. Watching students blossom as young readers and writers is pure joy."

Ms. Russin

Ms. Russin is the literacy coach for Brown and Bresnahan schools. Emily is passionate about ensuring best practices in instruction and assessment for struggling readers. She works closely with the wonderful Title I staff to achieve this.  In her role, Emily partners with administrators and teachers to tailor instruction to individual needs of all students.  She also provides ongoing professional development on recent research and use of data to improve literacy instruction.  In addition, Emily coordinates after school and summer reading programs.

Emily is a certified Reading Specialist with an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy from Harvard University and a B.A. in English and Education from Gettysburg College. She has over 15 years of experience working as an educator from various angles and with diverse populations.
Emily worked as a state and then national consultant for Reading First, responsible for providing professional development and leadership to state and district directors, principals and teachers on reading research and practice.  Emily has teaching experience in grades K-8, including work as a reading specialist and coach in Ferndale, Washington and elementary classroom teaching in Baltimore, Maryland.  She now lives in Newburyport with her husband and two sons.

Mrs. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews is delighted to provide reading and writing intervention and literacy support to elementary age students.  Watching children apply reading strategies that enable them to grow and see themselves as successful readers is one of her greatest joys.  Teri believes that as students develop self-confidence they become more curious and engaged learners who discover that reading is fun!

She credits student growth to the link between the supplemental reading intervention that she provides and the classroom teacher’s instruction.  As teachers, our integrated approach enables students to hear common language and make connections in their learning experiences.  Teri also emphasizes the importance of the nightly support that parents provide by listening to their children reread the books that she sends home.  Rereading and talking about familiar books at home enables students to practice the language, phrasing and word solving strategies that they learn during the day.

Teri obtained a certificate of graduate training in the Leveled Literacy Intervention program from Lesley University.  She earned her M.Ed. from Salem State University and her undergraduate degree from Bradford College.  She has taught at the Bresnahan School since 2008.
Teri resides in Newbury with her husband, Peter.  They have two daughters, Ashley and Olivia.

“It is my job as a teacher to adjust my teaching and my craft to meet my students where they are in their learning and to equip them with the strategies they need to bring themselves to new understandings and higher levels of learning.”
Mrs. Adrien is thrilled to provide a reading and writing intervention that supports classroom literacy instruction. She helps students develop reading and writing strategies and skills, uses materials and books that match students' interest and literacy level. This allows students to become more proficient readers and writers.

Tricia is a Reading Recovery and Literacy Intervention teacher at the Bresnahan School and has taught in Newburyport since 1997. She earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education from Salem state University and received both her graduate degree in Reading and a Reading Recovery certification from Lesley University.

Tricia has two daughters and lives in Groveland with her husband David.

“I love to see children developing a positive attitude towards reading and becoming successful in learning to read. This early success and interest will motivate children to read more, as well as make reading more enjoyable and meaningful to them.”
Mrs. Ryan is passionate about helping children learn to read, write, and express their ideas. She is committed to the Title1 Literacy Support Program and continues to take graduate level courses in Comprehensive Literacy.

Kathy holds a master's degree in special education from Lesley University. She emphasizes best teaching practices for all of her students. When working with her children she provides them with a nurturing environment in which they are able to learn various strategies to help them become successful in their literacy endeavors.

Kathy lives in Newburyport with her husband and three children.

“It is very gratifying to support young children on their journey to becoming life long learners.”
Mrs. Garbarino provides reading and writing instruction to first and second grade students in support of their classroom literacy instruction. Her focus is to give students necessary building blocks to grow as readers and writers and to foster an early love of reading.

Kelly is both a Literacy Support teacher, Leveled Literacy Intervention teacher and a certified Reading Recovery teacher. She received her undergraduate degree from Gordon College and her Masters in Education from Lesley University . She has taught at the Bresnahan School since 2005.

Kelly lives in Amesbury with her husband, son, daughter, and her dog Bailey.

"Learning how to read is the most fun and exciting part of elementary school. I just love watching kids experience that joy."
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