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Catapult Tutorials

  1. Step-by-Step Tutorial slides (online) to learn how to create a Home Page 
  2. PDF - How to create a Catapult website (Single home page) - to view and/or print
  3. Catapult CMS Tutorial Videos on their Youtube Channel
  4. Jacquie Fricano's movie tutorial "Basic Home Page Editing"
  5. Jacquie Fricano's movie tutorial "Add links to home page"
  6. Jacquie Fricano's movie tutorial "How to change the picture"
  7. Jacquie Fricano's movie tutorial "Advanced editing for those who wish to do more than just have the homepage"
  8. Catapult Homepage Intro, a 4 minute video featuring Jacquie Fricano
  9. NOTE about the background image for the entire school - if the administration wants it changed, a new image will need to be sent to Catapult ( or someone else) and it will need to be 1920 x 1500 in size.

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