4 Powerful Formative Assessment Tools Chromebook Classroom — www.edudemic.pdf
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Monitor  student progress and allow for quick and easy differentiation. More importantly, provide a fun and engaging way to review important concepts.
5 Chrome Settings that will Make Teachers Smile — electriceducator.blogspot.pdf
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Accessiblilty on the Chromebook
Make the cursor bigger (so it's more visible on the screen); Turn on high contrast mode (makes the screen easier to read); Turn on spoken feedback (describes what is happening on the screen) Turn on sticky keys (allows shortcut keys to be typed in sequence, without pressing modifier keys at the same time) Turn on the screen magnifier (enlarges items on the screen) Automatically click when the cursor stops (click without using your mouse); Turn on the on-screen keyboard (shows a keyboard that can be clicked with a mouse) 
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