1 EasyTech SHORT video intro

Bres Subscription for easy Tech Integration: "No matter the level of technical expertise, EasyTech makes it simple for teachers to integrate 21st century skill building into core curriculum to strengthen digital literacy, build technology skills, and ultimately, prepare students for next-generation assessments." from http://vimeo.com/channels/563833/70881959

2 EasyTech by Grade

What does the curriculum cover for my grade?

3 EasyTech Keyboarding Overview

A short learning.com video

4 EasyTech Guides & Videos

PDF documents, tutorials, and videos to showing How-To's

5 Support & resources for EasyTech

Videos & PDF documents, support phone number, and email

6 Using easyTech on Tablet Devices

Details all about using the program's lessons on tablets and grade levels

7 EasyTech Online Safety Curriculum

"A complete list of the objectives for each curriculum item is available on the curriculum items’ detail tab."

8 Prescriptive Keyboarding webinar
 "Learn how to utilize EasyTech keyboarding and prescriptive keyboarding content. Join Jeff Meyer, Education Operations and Special Projects Manager, Learning.com, for an overview of the keyboarding and prescriptive keyboarding content, how to assign it to your students, and how to access reports and resources." -leaning.com
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