Calendar & eMail

Google Calendar

  1. View the school & Staff Calendars - a short "How-to" video tutorial
  2. Share a Calendar with a Group - a short "How-to" - a shared "How-to" step-by-step document

Google eMail

  1. Find eMail after logging into Google: To access your email you simply need to click the "Apps Launcher" (9 boxes top right of the browser) and select "Mail."  See the attached image (from Don Skane). 
  2. Create a contact group in GMAIL: Easy peasy... just follow along with Judy Sharland, and soon there will be no need to email the entire building when you really just want your grade level teachers to see the email!  View the screencast here
  3. Personalize Your Inbox: Use settings to make changes in the appearance of your Inbox. [a Judy Sharland Jing video
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