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Building a Google Custom Search Engine

by Zachary


Research is one of the most powerful skills that we can teach students.  It is a skill that students will use many times throughout their educational careers and their future.  When students are getting started with research, sometimes it is helpful to guide their searches.  Google Custom Search Engine will help you do just that.  You can enter the web addresses of entire domains, entire websites, individual pages, or specific parts of a site.  The Google Custom Search Engine is easy to use, simply enter the URLs that you want students to use for their research project and give your search engine a name.  After you have added all of the web addresses that you want students to use, you are given the option to embed a search box in your website or learning management platform or get a custom URL that you can direct your students to.  Google Custom Search Engines are a great way to guide students through safe, effective research projects.

Google custom search engine

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