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HELP with Google Sites & Other Google Resources

Google SITES:

  1. A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Google Site 
  2. Page names and titles - Your page has two separate attributes -- the page URL and the page title, also referred to as the page name. You can change or hide your page name
  3. Add and remove pages from navigation: Template Tips from Google
  4. Images as links - Google Sites Help & Designs: Make an image on your web page serve as a link to another website. This is a bit more advanced, and will require editing HTML (as is also required for embedding) - also find it here: 
  5. Change Permissions to View or Edit - a Screencast video showing how to make sure no one else can edit your google site
  6. Share your site with others
  7. Site Access - another Google tutorial about viewing 
  8. Collaborating on a site with another teacher?  Simultaneous editing and the "Break lock" error - what to do and why? 
  9. Add "Recent Posts" Section - Handy for a page of announcements that may get lengthy 
  10. Google Sites Help Center - Get started, add content, change design, etc.
  11. Sort Attachments & Files with a List Page - Can't sort the attachments and URLs, but using a List Page to front the documents will work. Learn how. 
  12. Teacher Tech Tutorials about Google Sites

Google Doctopus

  1. Doctopus for EDUS, Getting Started: you can ensure that all students have their own copy of an assignment while using the power of Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets and Folders.
  2. Doctopus Video Walk-Through: a Google script that is used when teachers want to email a Google drive document to their students and control that document from one spreadsheet
  3. Doctopus Creating Class Folders: Learn how to create class folders for you and your students using Doctopus. Be sure to watch the Doctopus Walk Through first.
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