Surface Pro 3

  1. NEW! April 17, 2015 - Don Skane's instructions for Silverlight / Chrome / Baseline update 
  2. Using your classroom DVD player; Setting your displays on your SP (Surface Pro); Using your SP dock  - Video tutorials from don Skane's RT team  
  3. Install Google Drive to your Desktop PC/MAC
  4. 10 Surface Pro 3 Tips & Tricks: After "Getting Started with your Surface Pro 3" read and watch videos to go to the next level -View
  5. Get started with your Surface Pro 3: Beginner Tips and a short video to get you up and running View
  6. Find My H Drive and personal files: 1 min. tutorial video to find your NPS school H drive View
  7. Take a Screenshot with Surface Pro.pdf View Download
  8. Powerpoint with a Surface Pro View
  9. Surface Pro 3 tips to put a smile on your face — www.digitaltrends.pdf View Download
  10. Calibrate! The cursor location and pen position do not match. It is difficult to join lines, annotate, or select objects. What is Wrong? 
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