1. Symbaloo EDU: Organize & share the best of the web with your students! A grid of graphical icons to represent the links/URLs makes it easier to find them, especially for younger students. However it is equally motivating for adults, too. View
  2. Symbaloo User Guide: 10 colorful pages taking you step-by-step through the entire process: sign up, and more View
  3. Symbaloo's Did you Know? Symbaloo webmix of tiles to answer questions to many questions: "Did you know?" View
  4. Symbaloo How-To's: A large webmix of tiles to show you How To!  View
  5. How to embed your symbaloo on your teacher website: A short video tutorial showing how to get the html code from symbaloo to paste into your Weebly, Google, or Catapult Website View
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