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Special Education Team

To access an educator's website please click the link. To send an email, please do so via the Staff Directory Page.
 Special Education Team Coordinator Gina Anderson
 Special Education Team Coordinator Administrative Assistant Jennifer Marrs

 Title Name Website
 Intensive Special Needs/
 Independent Development Center, PK-K
Jessica Morse
 Intensive Special Needs/
 Independent Development Center, 1-3
Caitlin Marsh  
 BEST Program Teacher, K-3 Linda Dodge  
 BEST Program Teacher, Grades K-3
Becky Chapman  
 BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst Lisa Mosquera
 Special Education Teacher, PK-1 Keri Lynch
 Special Education Teachers, Grades 1-3
Karin Caves
 Mrs. Caves website
  Sasha DeJoy
  Anne Larnard
  Mrs. Larnard's website
  Julie Malchow
  Kaitlyn Nickerson  
 Speech and Language Pathologists, PK-K Julie Clemente
 Speech/Language website
  Candice Skiba
 Speech/Language website
 Speech and Language Pathologists, Grades 1-3 Kerrie LaBroad
 Speech/Language website
  Tina Pezza
 Speech/Language website
 Physical Therapy Jill Grelle
 Occupational Therapy, PreK-K
Pamela Vecchio
 OT, PreK-K website
 Occupational Therapy, Grades 1-3 Patricia Dolan
 OT, Grades 1-3 website
 Occupational Therapy, PreK - Grade 3 Kelli Higgins  OT, PreK - Grade 3
 Title 1 Literacy Support, PK-K Kathy Ryan
 Title 1 website 
 Title 1 Literacy Support, Grades 1-3
 Title 1 website 
  Kelly Garbarino
 Mrs. Garbarino's website
  Sue Jasiak
 Title 1 website
  Teri Matthews  Title 1 website