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Easy to use websites that will help your child with the foundations of reading.
Starfall ABCs will encourage your child to play and explore by clicking on any letter to help them recognize the relationship between letters and sounds. (Requires Adobe Flash).

Learn to Read Each row features one vowel sound. Children listen to, manipulate, read, and eventually master this sound-spelling through a variety of books and games before moving on to the next row.

Phonics On the scholastic website play phonics fun for early readers. Help Clifford make short vowel words.

Fuzzy Lion Ears Listen to each word and chose the beginning letter sound.

Pounce Pounce on words that match the sounds.

Stories Listen to or read along with the story and then play the game.

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Naming with Nina The Newt Children name different objects in and around town.

Rhyming With Reggie The Rhino Children pick out words that sound alike, developing an awareness of patterns in language.

Leo The Letter Loving Lobster Children match letters, familiarizing themselves with both the shape of letters and the sounds that they make.

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Leveled Book List

Teaching with Leveled books: click here to learn more about how and
why teachers use leveled books, what is unique about each level and
what is taught in each level.

Click to watch an example of how to introduce and read a new book with your child.

Click to watch an example of a teacher reading an unfamiliar book with a student.  Notice how she helps at points of difficulty.

Click to see what a classroom guided reading lesson looks like.

Reading Rockets

Reading Aloud with Your Child: Video Demos