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Q & A

child and parents reading and laughingQ: How do I communicate with my child's literacy support teacher?
A: You may contact your child's literacy support teacher by phone:

Bresnahan Elementary School: 978-465-4431 or 978-465-4435

Q: How will my child's Title I literacy support teacher communicate with me?
A: Literacy teachers communicate with parents in several ways. Progress reports are sent home in January and June. Literacy teachers may contact parents to request a meeting, discuss a concern, or update parents on student's progress as needed throughout the year. They often participate in parent meetings with the classroom teacher. Parents should feel free to call or email anytime to schedule a meeting or phone conference.
Q: How are students selected for one of the three literacy support interventions?
A: Students are selected through classroom teacher recommendations and by using assessments. These include The Observation Survey, Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, and/or Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS).

Q: How long will my child receive weekly literacy intervention lessons?
A: Students receive literacy lessons until they meet benchmark reading levels as determined by the Observation Survey and/or the Levelled Literacy Intervention Reading Record and/or the Benchmark Assessment.

Q: Do you offer parent training?
A: Yes! Parents are invited to a fall and spring literacy event to learn about our program and our comprehensive literacy teaching practices. These events give parents the opportunity to meet their child's literacy teachers and see the books and materials that we use to teach reading and writing. This is a great time to ask questions and share ideas with other parents.

Q: How can I support my child at home?
A: Reading with your child frequently and discussing the books you read will increase your child's oral language development and comprehension. Rereading familiar books and poetry will support your child's fluency. Title I programs include a daily take home book/s. Please be sure to read with your child!

Q: Is it okay to encourage my child to look at the pictures when he/she is reading?
A: Yes! Pictures help children learn new words and reinforce story meaning. Students who look at the picture when they are stuck on a word begin to develop independent word solving strategies. For example, if a student is stuck on the word “hat” and the character in the book is wearing a hat, he can look at the beginning sound in the word “hat” to distinguish it from the word “cap.” This is a powerful early elementary reading strategy that leads to independent reading skills.

Q: What reading strategies do you use?
A: The reading strategies used by Title I mirror the comprehensive literacy strategies that are used by classroom teachers. Students use these strategies when they are stuck on a word or lose the meaning of a story while reading.

Q: What's the most important way I can help support my child's reading development at home?
A: Each day, students take home their book bags containing a book to reread with their families.  These daily rereads are an important component of the students’ literacy lessons.  Rereading enables students to practice the reading strategies they are learning, supports fluent reading, and builds self-confidence.