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Leveled Book List

When a text is leveled, it is assigned a measure of difficulty or sophistication based on content, sentence structure and complexity, vocabulary and page layout.  Reading growth is measured on a continuum of text levels that spans the elementary school years.  Literacy assessment results identify the instructional level text used by the teacher during reading intervention lessons.  The teacher constantly monitors the following three levels of texts for each student:
  1. Independent – This text level is “just right” for students meaning that the book can be read and enjoyed without the teacher’s instruction and coaching.  This is the text level that best supports reading growth at home because it enables students to practice the strategies they are learning while enjoying the overall reading experience.  PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you ask your student’s teacher for your child’s INDEPENDENT reading level and then select texts at that level from the Leveled Book List.
  2. Instructional – This is the level that the teacher uses to instruct students during their reading lessons.  Students may reread an instructional text at home to practice the reading strategies they are learning.    Parents should notify the Title I teacher immediately if the text sent home is too difficult and causes frustration.   Reading at home should be an enjoyable experience for children and their families.
  3. Hard – This text level is too difficult for students to read even with a teacher’s instruction.  Students who are asked to read at this level become quickly frustrated and discouraged.  If we ask children to read books that are developmentally inappropriate we compromise their confidence, lower their self-esteem and may ruin the love of reading that we work so hard to nurture.
Please contact your child’s Title I teacher for the Independent Text Level you should use to access appropriately leveled books for your child.   Remember, reading books at home should be fun for you and your child and a chance to “show off” reading skills!  This home practice supports reading growth and builds confidence!
The following lists were compiled by a teacher in Massachusetts, and most of the titles may be found at a library or bookstore.  The text level is identified by a letter; Letters A – N are typically read by students in kindergarten through second grade.  Your child’s Independent text level may overlap grades depending on his/her developmental reading growth.
Click here for the Book List for Kindergarten Students: Levels A – C

Click here for the Book List for First Grade Students: Levels D - I

Click here for the Book List for Second Grade Students: Levels J - N