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Grades 1-3

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Welcome Newburyport Families,

The Newburyport Public Schools’ elementary program is an inclusive, developmentally appropriate program designed to meet the needs of children age six to eight years old.  Through highly effective teaching strategies, best practices, and differentiated instruction, all children are provided with the tools and resources necessary to learn and grow as individuals.  These foundational years are important in each and every child’s development and we strive to ensure strong academic programs aligned to the Common Core Standards and optimal social experiences that are engaging, memorable and fun.  Through our Responsive Classroom approach and bucket filling concept, students are taught character education concepts in support of the development of appropriate interpersonal and social skills.  We also focus on citizenship in order for students to become productive contributors to society.  We encourage children to become creative and critical thinkers, and risk takers.  In grades one through three, teachers and staff create collaborative learning communities and enriching growing experiences that foster interaction with one another, with big ideas, and with engaging resources and materials.


Our educational philosophy is based on the Newburyport Public School’s Mission:

  The Newburyport Public Schools
Mission Statement

The Newburyport Public Schools are committed to the intellectual, physical, and social development of every student. 

Within a culture of high expectations for individual learning, the schools promote rigorous academic challenge, intellectual curiosity, creativity and physical well-being. Our schools emphasize values of personal integrity, sensitivity and social responsibility. 

Our schools recognize the importance of the role of parents and the community and reach out for partnership with both in pursuing this mission.

Please know that you can always contact me at 978-465-4431 or at
Kristina Davis
 Registration Process
Below you will find information regarding the registration process for students transitioning into the Bresnahan School, Grades 1-3:
For the following forms, please visit the Newburyport Public School's website:
  • Enrollment Form
  • MA Health Record Form
  • Certification of Address
  • Home Language Survey
  • Before & After School Care
If you have registration questions, contact Deann Boulay at 978-465-4431 or at

Registration Process

Registration Process

Registration Process