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PTO Notes

Please join us for our next general meeting Tuesday, April 27th at 7pm. It will be held on Google Meet and a link will be emailed closer to the date. We have several important topics planned. Special guest Andi Egmont, Director of NYS will be joining us to share some data from the recent city-wide Youth Assessment. Find out what issues are affecting our kids and how we can address them as a community. We will also be discussing PTO board positions for the upcoming school year. Thank you to all who have expressed interest in volunteering for the PTO, and (as always) we welcome anyone who would like to learn more! You can find a list of positions on our website under the 'about us' section. 
Third grade families! A fun tradition continues this year!
The PTO will be purchasing yearbooks for our 3rd graders, but we need your help!
• Please email pictures you have of your third grader and classmates to your class representative. If you're unsure who that is, you can also send pictures to Erin Bergeron by April 30th.
• All pictures must include your child’s name and teacher, and if possible, the names of the other children in the picture.
• We would like to have a large and equal representation of all of the students, so please take the time to send something if you have it.
Questions? Email Morgan Boselli
Use our Facebook Page to stay in touch!

Ongoing Fundraisers: