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Weekly Notices

Please read the important Snack Notice from our Nurses
Dear Bresnahan Parents and Guardians,
In order to provide a safe learning environment for all our students throughout the year, we need your help. There are students in our school who have If these students consume even a trace amount of the allergen they are at risk for anaphylaxis, a potentially life- threatening allergic reaction. Strict avoidance is the best way to provide a safe environment.
For this reason, we are asking that you do not send your child to school with snacks that contain any peanuts or tree nuts.
We understand that peanuts and tree nuts can be part of a very healthy diet. Students can bring in peanut or tree nut products for lunch.We have allergy sensitive tables located in the cafeteria. Only a student with a life-threatening allergy or a student who has purchased a lunch may sit at these tables. 
Before sending in any food to be eaten in the classroom (snacks), please do the following: 
  • Read the product label—do not send in foods that list nuts or peanuts as an ingredient or possible ingredient. 
  • Send foods in their original packages. For foods that are not prepackaged, we prefer that an ingredient label is attached to the outside of a sealed zip lock bag (ask your child to bring the labels home so they can be reused). 
  • Please remind your child not to share snacks or lunches. Although sharing is well intended by your child, it could have serious consequences.  Sharing of food is not promoted at the Bresnahan School.  
Thank you for making the Bresnahan Elementary School a safe, healthy and caring place for all students.
If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Nelson Lane, RN, Grades PK-Gr 1  phone: 987-465-4435 ext. 3127
Michelle Thivierge, RN Grades 2-3 phone: 978-465-4435 ext. 3939
Rev: 9/2019
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