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If your student will be absent (or tardy) from school for any reason you must notify the appropriate office. When calling please state your name, your child's name, reason for the absence or tardiness and expected date of return (or time of arrival for tardy). Please note our school nurses track illnesses; please add symptoms (cold, fever, etc.) when your child is absent due to illness.

If you are calling your child in absent or tardy, please call as follows:

PreK-K; 978-465-4435 - dial 2, then 1

Grades 1-3, 978-465-4431- dial 3, then 1

 Please do not leave an absence call on the health office line.  The health office line is strictly for speaking with the nurse or leaving health related messages.  This is very important as the main offices may not receive the absent calls in a timely manner.  Your attention to this matter, as always, is very much appreciated.

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Students arriving late to school must report to the office with a parent and be signed in.

A child is considered late for grades K-3 if arriving after 8:20 (or 12:15 for afternoon K) and for PreK arriving after 8:30.  To assist parents in determining whether a student is tardy, signs are placed outside the school doors indicating the time is after 8:20.  PreK teachers meet their students at the door each day.  If no PreK teacher is present then the student is tardy.

If you have a planned tardiness (appointment, etc.) please call the school and leave a message on the absentee line.

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If your child will be leaving during the school day, please send in a note to the classroom teacher. Then, plan to pick up your child at the office where personnel will call the classroom to notify the child and teacher. 

If you will be changing how your child is dismissed on a particular day (e.g. not taking the bus, walking instead of being picked up, etc.) please send in a note to the classroom teacher describing the change and who will be meeting the child if applicable. 
We recognize sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and there may be last minute changes in your dismissal routine. If that is the case please call the office as soon as you can.  Please make every effort to call prior to 2:30. 

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Newburyport Public Schools require a high level of participation in engaged learning. Regular class attendance enables students to benefit from classroom discussions, presentations and interactive activities. These shared academic experiences are integral to the learning process and cannot be re-created or replicated.


Massachusetts Law requires compulsory attendance for all students. Chapter 76, section 1 of the Mass General Laws states that all children between the ages of six and sixteen must attend school. A school district may excuse up to seven day sessions or fourteen partial day sessions in any six-month period. The school must uphold the law.

For details on absentee and tardiness policies please refer to the Parent Handbook.