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Early Release Days

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General Information
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Please be sure to read the specific additional information for Preschool and Kindergarten Early Release Days directly below this section.

Early Release & Late Start Days 2020-2021

The following days are early release days for staff professional development except for November 25, which is the beginning of the Thanksgiving Holiday break; and June 16, the Projected last day of school*.
Early Release Days
Wednesday, November 25 (Day Before Thanksgiving Break) 
Wednesday, December 23
Friday, February 12
Friday, March 19
Friday, April 2 
Friday, May 14 
Friday, June 4
* Wednesday, June 16




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On Early Release Days Preschool and PreK classes are dismissed at the following times:
 4 Day AM Preschool 11:15 AM 
 Extended Learning Preschool 11:15 AM
 Extended Learning Pre-Kindergarten 11:15 AM
 Full Day Pre-Kindergarten 11:15 AM
The IDC class meets on Early Release Days and is dismissed at 11:15 AM.
The 4 Day PM PreKindergarten program does not meet.
Lunch is not served on Early Release Days.

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All AM Kindergarten students are dismissed at 11:40 AM on Early Release Days in order to streamline bus transportation and meet state-mandated time on learning requirements. Therefore, Early Release Days become extended days for the AM program. Please note the PM Kindergarten program does not meet on Early Release Days.

Lunch is not served on Early Release Days.