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Early Release Days

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General Information
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Please be sure to read the specific additional information for Preschool and Kindergarten Early Release Days directly below this section.

Early Release & Late Start Days 2019-2020

The following days are early release days for staff professional development except for November 25, which is the beginning of the Thanksgiving Holiday break; and June 16, the Projected last day of school*.
Early Release Days
Friday, September 18
Friday, October 9
Tuesday, November 3
Wednesday, November 25 (Day Before Thanksgiving Break) 
Friday, December 11
Wednesday, December 23
Friday, February 12
Friday, March 19
Friday, April 2 
Friday, May 14 
Friday, June 4



*Lunch IS served on Delayed Start Days*

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On Early Release Days Preschool and PreK classes are dismissed at the following times:
 4 Day AM Preschool 11:15 AM 
 Extended Learning Preschool 11:15 AM
 Extended Learning Pre-Kindergarten 11:15 AM
 Full Day Pre-Kindergarten 11:15 AM
The IDC class meets on Early Release Days and is dismissed at 11:15 AM.
Lunch is not served on Early Release Days.

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All half day Kindergarten students are dismissed at 11:40 AM on Early Release Days in order to streamline bus transportation and meet state-mandated time on learning requirements. Therefore, Early Release Days become extended days for the half day program.

Lunch is not served on Early Release Days.