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PreK Programs

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 4 Day AM      Mon- Thurs    8:30-11:15 am 3 year olds 
 4 Day PM  Mon- Thurs   12:15-3:00 pm   4 year olds
 4 Day Extended Learning  Mon- Thurs  8:30 am -1:00 pm  3 year olds 
 5 Day Extended Learning  Mon-Fri      8:30 am -1:00 pm  4 year olds
 5 Day Full Day       Mon-Fri  8:30 am-3:00  pm  4 year olds
Preschool: Designed for 3 year olds who are experiencing their first year in school.  It is an integrated program structured through play and meaningful activities in a developmental sequence that is center-based and includes skills embedded during circle time.

PreK: Designed for 4 year olds and younger 5 year olds who miss the Kindergarten cut off. The PreK program is a continuation of the 3 year old Preschool program.  PreK incorporates more advanced academic skills and kindergarten readiness skills in alignment with the national common core standards.