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Methods for student transportation are:

  • Walker - the student walks to and from school
  • Rider - the student is driven to and from school and is dropped off/picked up in the car line
  • Bus - the student rides a bus to and from school
Permanent Dismissal Form
Just before the school year begins parents are asked to fill out a Permanent Dismissal Form.  This informs the school  as to the method of transportation on any given day as well as the people authorized to pick up the student. 
If there is a change from the Permanent Dismissal plan on any given day, please please enter the information into School Dismissal Manager. New families will be emailed information on how to logon. If there are any questions please call the office; we are happy to help you use SDM.  Please note changes need to be made prior to 2:00 PM. If a last minute change comes up, please call the office.  
Car Placards
In order to expedite the car line, each family is given two car placards with the student's last name and the teacher's name. The placard should be placed in the passenger side window.  This allows staff to have the students ready to get in a car once it pulls up to the school. Should extra placards be needed (babysitter, other family members, etc.) the office will be happy to provide them. Even if you normally do not drive please keep a placard in your car for the occasional day where you may need to pick up.
Bus Transportation
Salter Transportation Inc. provides bus and van transportation for the Newburyport Public School system. They are one of New England’s oldest and most respected companies with over forty-six years of experience in the pupil transportation industry. 
All bus registration is handled at the Central Office.  For information, please visit the District website. The top left button on this page will take you there or click here.