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Tuition and Payment

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Half Day Kindergarten is Free of charge to Newburyport Residents. There is space for ALL students in the Half Day Kindergarten program.   Full Day Kindergarten is a tuition based program. There is space for ALL students in the Full Day program.

Tuition rates for the 2021-2022 academic year are found below.
Lump Sum Payment
(due August 1st)
5 month plan
(due 1st of month
August thru December)
10 month plan
(due 1st of month
August thru May)
AM K  Free         
Full Day
 $3800   $380 $3420  $684/month  $342/month
 Full Day
 $3800 $380 $3420  $684/month  $342/month
Families may be eligible for reduced tuition based on idenitified special needs services (IEP) or demonstrated financial need. 

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Please read our Tuition Policy and Eligibility Criteria Policy. (click here.)

All tuition payments are made on-line using Uni-Pay Gold.  Electronic checks and credit cards are the only accepted forms of payment.  Uni-Pay Gold may be accessed from the District website or by clicking here. 

If you have a question about Uni-Pay Gold electronic payments that you have made or your tuition balance, please contact Lori Morasse at 978.465.4435 x3125.