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Pre-school & Pre-Kindergarten

2021-2022 Parent Information Night will be held January 27, 2021 via Zoom. Preschool is at 6:00PM and Kindergarten is at 7:00PM. See the flyer for the links.

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Welcome Newburyport Families,

The Newburyport Public Schools’ early elementary program is an inclusive, developmentally appropriate program designed to meet the need of children ages three to five years.  Our educational philosophy is predicated on the belief that all children have individual differences which are best met through high quality teaching and differentiated instruction.  Participants in the program are children who represent a wide variety of backgrounds, skill levels and abilities.  Our integrated staff provides a full service model offering inclusive practices and therapies that insure best practices for all students.

Our Preschool program provides a unique opportunity for students to transition to the Kindergarten Program within the Newburyport Public School.  A child who participates in the Newburyport Public School Preschool program will have the advantage of being exposed to similar instructional programs and experiences that will also be used in Kindergarten.  

Our Kindergarten provides a comprehensive introduction to both the academic and social aspects of school that lay the foundation for a child’s educational career. We offer a half day Kindergarten program which is open to all.  Our full day Kindergarten offers opportunities for extended learning blocks and socialization during lunch and recess.  Full day Kindergarten is tuition based.

If you have any questions please email me.



Amy B. Sullivan