Fun and Helpful Links

     Above, in my Symbaloo, you'll find many shortcuts to web pages.  The most recent is on the left by itself, Online Learning: Math Resources for Kids.  It's a collection of links (with brief descriptions) to thirty math games from almost as many different websites. 
     The bottom row has links that are all about why the math curriculum is so different than in years past, and where it comes from.  The second row has links to great puzzles, online games, and iOS games that are all great for practicing basic math skills.  There are also some links to math triangles, which are printable flash cards.  The row above the big Symbaloo block in the middle is mostly about Singapore Math, the source of a lot of the new curriculum.  There are some great practice problems with tape diagrams for those who struggle with them.  There are also links to the Khan Academy login page, and the IXL login page.  .
     The top row of links are all ways to get to different helpful parts of the Eureka Math web site.  The Homework Helpers link is especially helpful if you are stuck on a homework problem.  Sadly, most of it is no longer free-only the first module for each grade is available without ordering a $15 book for a year's worth of homework help in a grade.  The Module Tip Sheets are brief summaries of the big ideas of each unit and the instructional models used to support them.  The K-3 roadmaps are descriptions of the math curriculum models, goals, and common core standards for the full year of each grade.
I try to keep these links updated, and I'm always looking for new material, so feel free to email me something you've found that works for your family.
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